Photography Experiences

This is what we love doing and why we started HetSpul-Sutcliffe Photography Experiences. Giving people the chance to experience having a couple of experienced photographers give you their time and knowledge in return for an evening of your own.

Below is a few example of the styles of photography experience we have offered in the past. If you would like to suggest something outside of what is highlighted below we are always open to suggestions.

Headshot Photography

As the name suggests, ‘headshots’ are just that – shots of the head. These are the simplest type of portrait.

They are normally shot in a “studio” setting and is suitable for your social media profile, job applications, and your website. Headshots are lit and shot in a particular way to make you look approachable but professional, and it’s very important to get them just right!

We can do headshot in
different styles of plain to glittery backdrops.

Portrait Photography

A traditional portrait often depicts the subject looking at the camera.

A portrait tries to show off who you are, and it’s our job as the photographers to bring out in the image that shows you off best. Often, traditional portraits are shot in a studio with a formal photography backdrop.

These experiences remains popular because the mix of posing and studio lighting is flattering. We may use the lighting or positioning to emphasise or hide certain characteristics, but the end result should still definitely be you both in terms of looks and personality. A portrait photography photoshoot is ideal for personal shots and to capture those special times in your life.

Lifestyle Photography

“Lifestyle photography” is essentially a stylised type of portrait photography. If you are into a particular look, hobby, music, sport or whatever, we’ll integrate that into the photoshoot to best show you doing what you do best.

Environmental Portraits

Environmental portraits are a mix between traditional portrait photography and lifestyle portrait photography. In environmental portrait photography, the environment is as important to the image as the person.

This type of portrait photography shoot takes place in a location that means something to that person. This is to give the viewer clues to that person’s personality. That location could be a home, an office, or an artist’s studio, to name a few.

While location is important, unlike lifestyle photography, environmental portraits can still use posing techniques.

While the environment is important, the photographer works in a similar manner as a traditional portrait in setting up a pose and lighting.

The pose, lighting, person, and background all work together in an environmental portrait.

High and Low Key Photography

High- and low-key are two different styles that can be used with many of the types of photoshoot described above. In high-key photography, there is a lot of light
and appears almost (but not quite) over-exposed such that it gives a milky smooth finish to the skin tones, while low-key is much darker and there is more shadow,
which gives an interesting and dramatic shot. For example, you might use a high-key shot for a portrait photoshoot but use a low-key photoshoot for a moody shoot.