Photography Experiences

About Us


As two keen amateur photographers one Dutch and one English working within the same international engineering company, we often found ourselves meeting up on many corporate events both holding onto a camera.

Since we both shared a willingness to learn new skills and techniques along with a strong desire to help others we decided to join forces and start to offer Photography Experiences.

We strongly believe in our Photo Experiences being based on a form of time trade; we organise and give our time to run the events. Those joining in return accept these events are as much about us learning during the event also.

You can join a Photography Experience in two ways. Either as a photographer wanting to learn from one of our workshops; or as a person, siblings, couple or group wishing to have some imagery of themselves.

On our evening workshop experiences we try to make the events fun for all involved and over the last few years have run workshops on “Getting out of Automatic”, Golden Hour, On Camera Flash and Urban Photography.


How to get involved.

All of our experiences are held within the Amersfoort area within the Netherlands on weekday evenings. We are always looking to offer this new experiences to people, if you would like to join us on an event feel free to fill in the contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.