About Me

Originally from Bradford but now I am currently a Peterborough UK \ Amersfoort NL based photographer enjoying all different styles of photography.

I am self-taught, when I started out in 2003, my first camera could now be compared to a toy camera for children. Since then technology and my knowledge has flourished. I have been lucky within my life to have been able to travel around the world. This has inspired and taught me many things, not only about photography, but also about landscapes and people. The understanding of your surroundings helps you capture wonderful images as you wander by.

I love a challenge, the excitement of trying to capture personal moments into a candid photograph or just waiting for hours for the light to just be right within a beautiful scene or for it to bathe an object into glory fills me with pleasure.

I take my pictures for myself, the’re stories of my life, captured within this large world where there are so many stories to find….

I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and photos with others. I participate in a number of photography groups and run tutorials for those starting out with this wonderful pastime.

All of my images/photographs are fully copyrighted and my written permission is required for any usage for any purpose.

Enjoy my pictures and I wish you a happy life.

Best Wishes



General Knowledge

I have a strong knowledge of the fundamentals of photography. With the ability to explain this in a simplistic and practical way.


This is one of my favourite types of photography. Capturing people showing that everyone of us if different and beautiful. Every capture a memory of the person for them to keep forever.

Weddings and Events

Having shot a few weddings and many events for friends and family, I have the experience to give advice to others. Wedding photography is not for the faint hearted, but capturing the happiness of the couple is priceless.

Adobe Lightroom

Getting to grips with post processing using a tool is vital to any modern photographer. I have been using Lightroom now for 3 years and have mastered many skills in photo developing.